Hy-Lift Johnson Inc:

We have been manufacturing lifters in Muskegon Michigan USA for over 70 years and some of
our employees have been with us for over 50 of those years. We do all of the Design,
Engineering, Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing in-house so we can control the quality of
our product 100% and you can have 100% confidence in it. Our company is dedicated to the
manufacturing of the best lifters available in our 167,000 sf facility in Muskegon. Our
employees operate super precision grinding equipment as well as multi million dollar assembly
machines that perform 20 quality checks on every hydraulic lifter. We also have a brand new
325,000 sf facility in Brooksville FL that we are expanding our new manufacturing too instead
of following the acceptable practice of going overseas to save a dollar or less.

Demonstration Video

1 of 8 Transfer Assembly Machines located in Muskegon, MI designed in house with its components manufacatured at our Brooksville Facility